How Did Meditation Get So Popular?

Justyn Comer |  Sunday, July 10 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Justyn Comer, Presenter at Meditation Summer Festival

Every day there seems to be an article in a major newspaper, magazine or on a website referencing the benefits of mindfulness.  There are dedicated studios being set up for us to attend classes.  Even Newark airport has a meditation room for travelers to hone their Om.  Yet this modern fad has its roots going back thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism and several centuries in Christianity.  This talk will look at the historical origins in the East and West and explore why and how this esoteric practice became so mainstream.

Justyn Comer first learned meditation from a Christian priest thirty two years ago.  Since then he has studied meditation in a number of traditions across Asia, Europe and the United States.  He has an MA from Cambridge University in Theology and Religious Studies, and has been teaching meditation for the last fifteen years.

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