Policy Statment

Meditation Summer looks to demystify the practice of meditation and help point the added value offered in the learning. The clarity of our perspectives and understanding of the world determine our well-being and actions. The value of meditation lies in bringing greater clarity to those actions. 

​When we start to meditate, we begin by noticing how busy our minds are. We usually begin a practice of meditation with mindfulness exercises. that what goes on inside our mind (sensations, thoughts, feelings, thought patterns, beliefs).  Later, if we keep with the practice, we move on to noticing our sheer being (nothing more, nothing less, just being). This noticing of sheer being transforms our lives. The goal of Meditation Summer is to point and motivate people to reach that.
The spiritual nature of meditation is recognized at Meditation Summer as a facet of all human beings, separate from religion or a specific system of beliefs.  We look to highlight the multitude of teachings and techniques, because their value is in that multitudinous. This wide spectrum of wordings, reasoning and methods is there to serve the individual. We recognize it as different ways of "noticing what goes on inside our mind", only means to a common end of "noticing our sheer being".

Speakers and teachers who take part in Meditation Summer share their own experience, looking to serve. It is our interconnection and interdependence that motivates this sharing, deep care for all being, that is not personal in its’ nature.

Some guidelines that were set for Meditation Summer :

  • Speakers and teachers are volunteers and do not receive any fiscal compensation.

  • Less experienced teachers, who wish to join, need to provide recommendation and set a sample class at least three months prior to season’s beginning.

  • Meditation Summer is not in a position to pursue sponsorship for any volunteers or anyone who wish to apply to be part of the program. 

  • Speakers serve to demonstrate the impact meditation practice has on one’s life and are encouraged to include specific examples. Sample talk will be reviewed at least three months prior to season’s beginning.

  • The motive behind taking part in Meditation Summer is sharing a personal way of practice.  Presenters and teachers find the value in taking part, rather than receiving fiscal compensation or promoting recognition.

Thank you very much.