The Way of Sacred Partnership

Justin and Katy Park |  Saturday, July 23 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Kaite Down, Presenter at Meditation Summer Festival

The Way of Sacred Partnership is at its core an see and to practice our most intimate relationship with our Beloved, as a powerful vehicle for mutual awakening, development, and shared thriving.  This vision and practice is robustly generative for what it means for us to be vital human beings and our experience has shown us, is one of the most rich and accelerating vehicles of human potential.  The Way of Sacred Partnership integrates four key themes:


  • Shared Vision for the integration of your personal and partnering “Great Work”

  • Shared Commitment

  • Cultivating a Shared Supportive Environment

  • Embodying a Set of Transformative Practices

Justin and Katy Park have been married and practicing sacred partnership for 16 years.  They have two children (Jeremiah, 12 and Selah, 8) who inspire them to live life as an ongoing adventure and to cultivate a strong resilient context for waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up to life together.  They founded The Way of the Human to integrate both the enduring ancient wisdom and emerging modern strategies of human potential.  One of the areas they are most passionate about is the privilege of supporting others on the journey of sacred partnership by holding sacred space for Wedding and re-commitment ceremonies and by providing coaching for conscious partnering.


Justin Park, PhD, LSW

Justin (Dazu Kodo) is a human development scholar-practitioner and an ordained Zen priest with the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Order.  Justin received his PhD in Adult Learning and Development from Lesley University (conducting integrative research between leadership, mindfulness, heart rate variability, psychological grit, flow states of consciousness, cognitive development, transformative learning, and emotional intelligence).  He has received his tantra hatha yoga teacher training with Rod Stryker of Parayoga.  Justin is also the founder of the Emergent Leadership Group, a coaching and consulting firm serving conscious leadership and businesses.


Katy Park, LSW

Katy (Koren Dojin) is an ordained Zen priest with the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Order.  She is a certified yoga teacher with Phoenix Rising yoga therapy, has advanced Tantra Hatha Yoga training with Rod Stryker of Parayoga, and is a graduate of the Jaguar Path, an integrative training in yoga and shamanism with Ray Crist.  As a licensed social worker, she spends most of her days at Bomb Diggity Arts, a community program in Portland Maine, supporting adults with developmental disabilities in creative ventures, sexuality education, and mindful living.  She is also passionate about holding space for rites of passage, which includes birth doula work as well as the on-going creation of contexts to offer on-going parenting support.